About Lio

Lio Faridani born in 1942, is an accomplished Artist with extensive professional merit. His work is found in collections in Canada, Italy, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom.

This early interest drew him to Italy, where he earned his Doctorate in Architecture at the University of Florence and Academy of Fine Arts. Whilst in Italy he studied the works of Italys famous artists and sculptures. These influences had a great impact on his life. Lio is a totally self-taught artist whose work reflects the influence of Italian artists whom he considers masters as well as mentors. Since moving to Canada 35 years ago, Lio has had several exhibitions where his work has received rave reviews.

Many of his earlier painting works of watercolour have been shown and sold in Canadian national and international exhibitions. Although Lio still dabbles in watercolour, his preferred medium at the present time is primarily acrylic and oils. His canvas are larger and range from "realism" to "abstract".