Bringing the Old School into the New Digital World

Have you heard about NFT? Neither have I until recently. A few months ago, I saw on the news that digital pictures were selling online with this hot commodity called NFT, so I had to learn more. Just a few days later, many different celebrities had “sold” images and animations.

In my 70 years as an artist, I have never seen anything like this, and although I don’t fully understand NFTs completely, but I dove right into the deep end. With the help from my son, I have digitally minted all of my artwork and will be putting it up for sale as NTFs, which can be found here:

If you are interested in buying an NFT and also receiving my originally paintings, that’s the opportunity here. You will not only get the NFT, but also the actual painting itself will be delivered to your home or office place.

“The basic concept behind my art is to evoke thought process, to enable a viewer to stimulate their thoughts and to depict in their own mind the images that are conjured up by my work. I do not favor one style of art over another. Each theme of art needs to be portrayed in different styles to arouse thought and interest. Whether through simple sketches or elaborate extensive artwork, I prefer to express my ideas to the viewer via varied but distinctive styles of paintings.”

Contact Lio for inquiries on artwork or for works to be commissioned.